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Teacher’s Day is here
Posted: 16 February 2019 02:57 AM   [ Ignore ]
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Teacher’s Day is here, my dear teacher’s figure is like a photo, flashing in my mind. photo with my teacher, my mother.n I first entered the first grade of elementary school, I thought that the teachers in the primary school must be very strict. The first time I saw the class teacher and language teacher Kong teacher, I felt that she was so beautiful and harmonious, and her face always had a smile. I felt that the elementary school teacher was not “terrible” at all, just as kind as a mother.at time, Mom and Dad were not at home for more than two months. My grandmother took care of me at home. After Mr. Kong knew it, every day after school, I asked me to seriously write homework and urged me to review the preparations. Now, as soon as I saw the words ��completed homework�� signed by my teacher in the first grade textbook, I felt very warm. When the father and mother were not at home, Mr. Kong was like a mother!, how happy theseong and our 52 classmatesher Kong is like a bright light that guides us in the direction of progressen I was in elementary school Cheap Malboro Cigarettes Wholesale, I didn’t like reading books very much. I was a bit “fearful” about writing and practicing. In order to make us love to read, Mr. Kong used her beautiful voice to read some books suitable for us to read, so we slowly liked the books that the teachers read, and also liked reading, and felt that writing was not so Terrible. Mr. Kong is afraid that we are ��lazy�� and asks us to study for half an hour every day, and parentsed us to study by the earliest teachers, and now we have asked our mother to buy books to read. In order to expand our reading volume, Mr. Kong also opened a class library in our class in time. (There are more than 50 students in the class with one or two books they like.) So we read more books. More comprehensive.r Kong not only teaches us knowledge, but also teaches us to be human Marlboro 100 Carton Price. In the May 12th earthquake, the school held a donation Newport For Duty Sale Only, but I went home and forgot the donation. Teacher Kong said to us: Our living conditions are superior, saving our own pocket money to provide some love for the disaster area, even if it is one yuan or two yuan Newport Cigarettes On Apple Store, it is also our love. We must not only love ourselves, but also our parents and our fellow citizens.hough I later donated money to the compatriots in the disaster area, I can remember the words of Teacher Kong: love yourself, love my parents, and love my compatriots.lot of memories are shining in my mind: When we didn’t listen carefully, Mr. Kong taught us to concentrate on our work; when we were careful in writing homework, Mr. Kong reminded us to “don’t make friends with little sloppy oh"n’t forget the teacher’s illness. The pale and painful face has no smile from the past. We are saddened by Mr. Kong’s illness. I always wanted to say to Teacher Kong: “Mr. Kong, you not only take care of your family and children, but also To educate and train our 52 children, please pay attention to your body, because we can’t do without your company.“is the big photo of all our classmates and teachers! Look at the teacher, look at us, smile so bright! photo teacher’s big photommer, I entered the school’s ICT blog and also met many teachers in the school’s ICT Discount Marlboro 100S. These teachers I have never met before are strangers I am familiar with. all have their own jobs and have their own families, but they use their idleness, quietly and selflessly dedicating their love, giving wonderful comments to bloggers, guiding us how to write, and encouraging us to continue to work hard…teachers, you have worked hard, and the teachers�� day has arrived. Please temporarily put down your homework and try to stretch the waist for the comments. The teacher, come to a relaxed smile, I will re are too many precious photos, too many teachers are respected, and there are too many words to talk about… Here, I want to say to all the teachers: Teacher, you have worked hard! Happy holidays! Happy every day!

Posted: 26 February 2019 09:45 AM   [ Ignore ]   [ # 1 ]
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“Teachers are a role model for most of the children; they put in all their efforts and time in grooming them for their future ahead. assignment writing help. It’s very necessary for the students to acknowledge the efforts made by their teachers by being respectful to them.”