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Welcome to the consumer portal

Our Consumer Portal is designed for patients, parents, carers, family and friends affected by all Inborn Metabolic Disorders: PKU, Tyrosinaemia, MSUD, Homocystinuria, Urea Cycle Disorders, Glutaric Aciduria, Propionic / Methylmalonic Acidaerria, Isovaleric and Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders. Share your thoughts and find out how other people manage these conditions.

  • Forum

    The forum gives you the opportunity to share your thoughts, raise concerns, ask questions or simply support our global community of people living with Inborn Metabolic Disorders.

  • Events

    Keep up to date with the latest events that are taking place and search the archives for presentations and reports from previous events.

  • Information centre

    Our Information Centre gives you an insight into these disorders. You can discover how other people manage on a day to day basis: travelling, eating out, at school or at work and having children are some of the topics covered. You can access our Recipe files and will be alerted to any new additions in our newsletter.

  • Videos

    Access our archive of videos related to Metabolic conditions. Stream video content live through your browser or download the audio as a podcast.

  • Podcasts

    Access our archive of podcasts related to Metabolic conditions. Download individual podcasts to your computer.

  • Product Information

    SHS International has specialised in the area of Inborn Metabolic Disorders for over 40 years. In this section you can find out more about our range of amino acid substitutes and low protein foods.